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The same nesting & programming engines used by some of the largest manufacturers

How It Works

Step 1: Setup

Add a Machine

Optimation.Online supports a variety of contour cutting processes, including

  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Waterjet and more
  • Just select your make, model and fill out a few cutting preferences and you are ready to go!

Add Your Materials

  • Add multiple materials.
  • Tell us how to cut them. We'll remember.
  • Manage materials across multiple machines.
  • Create multiple sheet sizes

Step 2: Build Your Part Library

Part Programming

Upload your entire part library and let us take the work out of part programming.

Unlike other online nesting systems, Optmation.Online keeps a library of your parts so that you don't have to upload them every time you want to nest them. Our part programming is automatic and requires no editing. Just provide us with a DXF or IGES file, tell us what material and machine you want to program it for, and we will use your settings to create a part program in seconds.

Step 3: Add Your Orders

Order Import

Enter orders by hand or place them into our easy to use CSV format and import them. That's it. We'll handle it from there.

You can control due date, priority, and even create filler orders that only get made from scrap on the nest.

Order Management

  • Set and Forget: Once an order is in our system we manage it through multiple nests and multiple machines.
  • Perfect Order Flow: We prioritize in-process orders and orders with earlier due dates so that you don't have to segregate your orders by hand to get the results you want. Just give them to us and watch your parts flow correctly through your machines.

Step 4: Create Your Nests

Step 5: Run Your Machine

Automatic NC Code Generation

Unlike other online nesting solutions, we actually give you the NC code to run your machine. No more hours of editing & linking manually. Go from orders to finished nests in minutes.

Have a machine that runs on DXF input? We support that too.

Load and Go!

Load your shiny new NC program on your machine and start cutting. That is all there is to it!

If you have any questions about how the product works, please feel free to contact us.


Free Support

All of our plans include Email based support and online ticket management. We also provide you with a Knowledge Base of our most commonly requested solutions.

The application includes in-application support and tips to lead you through the process and answer your questions.

Upgrade to Phone Support

If you would prefer phone support, a package is available that includes full phone support during business hours.

Support Hours: 8am - 5pm Central Time, Monday - Friday